Rehab4kidz is Registered to Rebecca O'Mahoney as a Sole trader, August 2018


Rebecca O’Mahoney is a fully qualified Speech and Language Therapist registered with HCPC, RCSLT and ASTLTIP.  She holds an up to date Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) certificate and is a registered as a data holder with ICO.

Rebecca is now based in the BH18 area of Dorset and can offer face to face services in Dorset and Hampshire.  Virtual sessions are also an option for children living further away.


Services offered and Pricing:

Initial needs phone consultation:  Free


Initial Assessment; includes up to 90 minutes face to face consultation, preparation time,  information gathering, formal and informal assessments as appropriate, written report £160


Hourly Rate: £80 / hour to cover:

  • Direct therapy

  • Liaison with other professionals

  • Letters

  • Programmes

  • Attendance at meetings

  • Telephone calls


  Therapy sessions

  • 30 minutes £40

  • 45 minutes £60

All fees are discussed and agreed prior to the start of therapy.

  • Fees are subject to annual review.

  • Payments can be made by bank transfer, cheque or cash

  • A printed receipt can be provided on request. 

Half or full day sessions at schools / nurseries for multiple children: cost on request

Training packages: price on request


Travel costs:

  • Travel costs from the therapist’s base are charged at 0.45 pence per mile plus a charge for time; 

  • The first 15 minutes of travel each way is free, charges for time will then be made in increments of 15 minutes at £10.00 per 15 minutes 

  • Travel costs can be shared if there are multiple clients in a location.



You will receive an invoice for payment which is be payable within 14 days of receipt of the invoice.  Payments can be made by bank transfer, cash or cheque payable to Rehab4kidz 

Cancellation of Appointments:

  • There is no charge for sessions cancelled with 24 hours notice (or within 24 hours if a valid reason given such as illness).

  •  If more than two sessions in a row are cancelled or missed, therapy may be put on hold until circumstances allow for regular attendance.

  •  If the therapist is unable to attend an appointment, the maximum possible notice will be given and the appointment will be rescheduled.


Missed Appointments

  • Where insufficient notification prior to the therapist starting her journey is given for cancellation, you will be charged, in full at the standard therapy session rate.

  • If a child’s therapy session is scheduled to take place at nursery or school, it is the parents’ responsibility to inform the therapist directly if their child is not at nursery or school that day.


Termination of Therapy 

  •  It is within the therapist’s rights to terminate therapy with 24 hours notice.

  •  It is within the rights of the client to terminate therapy with 24 hours notice.


Frequency of Sessions:

  •  It may be clinically important to continue initial assessment over more than one session. Any further assessment sessions will be charged at the standard rate, dependent on the level of additional assessment required.

  • Following assessment, the need for further therapy/advice will then be discussed and agreed with the child’s parents/carers. 

  • Sessions are offered weekly, fortnightly, monthly as appropriate and depending on the needs of the child.

  • A specific number of therapy sessions will be discussed agreed between the therapist and parents/carers. A mutual review of arrangements will take place at the end of that block of sessions.

  •  A brief update report will be provided after each block of sessions.


Decisions about Discharge

  • Following assessment and/or therapy sessions the recommendation may be to discharge the child from the therapist’s care. This decision will be fully discussed with the child’s parents/carers beforehand.  A report will provided when the child has been discharged.


Access to NHS Therapy 

  • All children are eligible for Speech and Language Therapy within their local NHS team. 

  • Children who are currently receiving therapy from an NHS therapist or are on the waiting list must inform the independent therapist. 

  • The NHS therapist should also be informed of any independent therapist involvement to ensure effective liaison.


Consent for Liaison and Distribution of Reports

  • Written consent for cross professional liaison will be sought from parents/ carers who have the right to decline consent for contact with other professionals.  Written consent will be gained to share documentation with parents/carers via email, who have the right to decline consent for this.

  •  Liaison, reports or advice from the independent therapist will only be distributed to other relevant professionals (e.g. school or GP) with the written consent of the client’s parents/carers.

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